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Elysian Dance Models 2024/2025 Ambassador Program

Gymnasts and Cheerleaders are also welcome in this program !

Dance Ambassador:

- Ambassador terms run up to 12 months

- Age 10-and up (applicants must be at least 10 years old).  Elysian Dance Models will be accepting a limited         number of dancers under 10. These dancers MUST be competition level dancers and must have a   recommendation from one of their dance coaches. Dance coaches can email me their recommendation at

- Seniors entering into their Senior year may apply to the Elysian Model Program for Seniors.

- Must be Socially Active in dance, school and online.

- Must be comfortable in front of the camera, and have an outgoing personality.

- Must have your OWN Instagram Account (does not have to be public).

- Each of the ambassadors will be required to share their images at their home dance studio and the dance   community.

- As an ambassador there is an expectation that each one will actively post images on social media TWICE per   month as well as advertise Elysian Dance Model events.

- As the face of my work, I want dancers who will proudly show off the images I create with them.

- As an Elysian Dance Ambassador, you must promote me and Elysian Models on social media by sharing your   images, promotions and placing a hyperlink in your IG bio. 




Perks of being an Ambassador !

- Ambassadors will be the FIRST to sign up for popular photo shoots like COLORED POWDER, RAIN,  LIGHT PAINTING, FINE ART, and exclusive BEACH and DESTINATION Sessions, and all kinds of special photo sessions.

- Ambassadors will be able to participate in at least 2 themed FREE group photo sessions during their term,   possibility more and will receive social media files from those sessions.

- Free Elysian Models merchandise! Opportunity to purchase/earn more! 

- As an ambassador, the dancer will receive a FREE digital gallery featuring their images that can be viewed on   a computer or any mobile device.

- Each dancer will get a promotional code that will provide a discount on all photo products my studio offers.

- Credits towards future one-on-one sessions for referrals.

- Chance to go to destination locations for exclusive Ambassador Photo Session.

- Make life-long friendships with your Dance Ambassador Friends and engage in a little fun competition with   them!

Elysian Dance Ambassador Program accepts applications all year long for dancers who reside within within 100 miles or are willing to commute to Southern New Jersey/Philadelphia for all photo sessions. You must have your own, active, Instagram account to be considered.

Ready to APPLY?  I will be accepting applications starting on: June 1, 2024.  Email me for the application at   Dance/gymnastics Studios: If your studio does not have an Elysian Dance Ambassador, please reach out to me!

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