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I've always had a love for fine art and as far back as I can remember have always painted, sculpted and enjoyed photography.  The subject matter I have mostly been interested in is people.  I began photography at the age of 15 when my parents gave me my first 35mm SLR camera. 

My work has been exhibited at the 3rd Street Art Gallery in Philadelphia and the Delaware Art Museum.  I was also featured on WHYY TV's  Friday Arts.  Photography always came quite naturally for me and I firmly believe that the reason is because I have always been an artist, first and foremost, and the camera is just another tool like my paint brush or sculpting chisel.  


I am primarily a dance photographer but also shoot portraits and fashion.  I really enjoy the motion that you can capture photographing dancers as they are moving.  I look at what I offer in terms of photography as more of creating art than just picture taking.  I run a photography studio where I spend time with each dancer or model individually or in a group  to get the lighting, colors, backdrop and poses just right.  My job is to bring out the best in each person and highlight that in their images.

If you want to create some amazing art together contact me.

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